New Version 8

Vista / Windows 7 Compatible Version of the former ClassRoom Windows/Portals)

New for 2010 is the Latest Revision: Windows 7 compatible 8.2.1) 
In Vista compatible  Version 8–updated for Win7 in the 8.2 revision–we have introduced many changes (detailed on this page), including a new active main screen. Also the program’s name has been changed to ClassRoom GradeBook.

About ClassRoom GradfeBook

ClassRoom GradeBook (version 8)  is a Windows 9x/XP/Vista and Windows 7 Freeware grade book program for teachers. It is designed to make your record keeping and grading much easier. It’s yours for free from our Download page.

ClassRoom GradeBook is the culmination of many years of work on a free Gradebook Program aimed at making the difficult working life of teachers everywhere an easier one. This is the eighth version of the program–and its third metamorphosis. Over a decade ago, in the early days of Windows 9x, “ClassRoom Windows” appeared on the scene. Each new version introduced new and improved features. When Windows exited the 9x world and entered the NT-based XP environment,  the program–in Version 7–evolved into “ClassRoom Portals.” In preparing for the Vista / Win 7 era, the program reaches Version 8, and emerges–with a new data-file format and a multitude of new, more powerful features–as “ClassRoom GradeBook.” 

ClassRoom GradeBook was created by two urban public school teachers with decades of real-world classroom experience. The program has one basic premise. You, the teacher, are entering a huge, enchanted “ClassRoom” filled with many portals through which you must pass as the term progresses. But you are not alone; your computerized “GradeBook” will guide you through these doorways at different times during the school year to make your record keeping and grading much more efficient.