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ClassRoom GradeBook
(former ClassRoom Windows / Portals)

On this page you can see some program screens from ClassRoom GradeBook grading and class records management software. To learn more about the program, visit our HomeRoom.

Add A New Student Portal

As a new term begins, your first task is to start your free ClassRoom GradeBook software to create a new class file and populate it with students. ClassRoom GradeBook makes adding a new student easy to do. You just enter the Name, ID and any supplementary information that you wish (address, date of birth etc.). You can also enter a comment.

Add New Student Portal



Enter Grades Portal

To the great joy(?) of students, the school term includes such happenings as tests, quizzes, projects, reports, etc. To your great joy, you now have ClassRoom GradeBook to help you keep records of these occasions.

Enter Grades Portal


Statistics Portal

Well, how did your students do? When you go through the Statistics Portal, you can gather useful information about your grades.

You can view statistics on:

  • The number of pupils present and absent for a test
  • The highest, lowest, and average grade on a test, as well as the standard deviation
  • The number and percent of students who failed and passed a specific test

And these statistics can be printed.

Statistics Portal

Graph Portal

ClassRoom GradeBook includes many visual enhancements. You can view your statistical data on a chart and, in the Pro Edition, as a graph.

Graph Portal


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